Write to your MP about the Nationality and Borders Bill

For Anti-Slavery Day this year, we broke down the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill (which encapsulates the Government’s ‘new plan’ for immigration) and now we’re asking for your help to get the message across.

23 November 2021

Shiva Foundation is one of over 100 NGOs in the sector who have expressed concerns with the provisions laid out in the Nationality and Borders Bill for survivors of modern slavery. The Bill could mean more victims of modern slavery going unidentified and would actually make it harder to prosecute traffickers.

The Government says it wants to crack down on people traffickers. Leading lawyers say new legislation will simply allow them to flourish and would be catastrophic for their victims.

We are asking you to contact your MP urgently to ask them to take action. You can use a template letter here.

You can find your MP at: https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

Remember to include your name and contact details: if your MP receives a personal letter from a genuine constituent, they are more likely to take notice.

  • “There is no other crime where one of the first questions asked of a victim is ‘what is your immigration status?'” – Read more from Karen Bradley MP, co-chair of the APPG on Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery.
  • Victims need sustained long-term support to enable them to testify against their traffickers, yet numerous clauses within the modern slavery section of the Bill threaten this support – read the thoughts of senior police officers around the country.
  • “Let’s not rush through legislation which could undermine both the identification of victims and the prosecution of offenders.” Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Dame Sara Thornton raises her concerns about the Nationality and Borders Bill.
  • To understand our areas of concern about the Nationality and Borders Bill, you can read our thoughts and a statement made by the anti-slavery sector here.



Looking for help?

If you are looking for help, want to report a suspicion or are seeking advice,
call the Modern Slavery Helpline on

08000 121 700

If its an emergency and you believe someone is in imminent danger, call