Support and access to justice for adult victims of modern slavery

How can we draw a broader understanding of gaps identified in victim support in Hertfordshire as a consequence of national shortcomings?

13 May 2021

The purpose of this research is to highlight gaps in support for victims of modern slavery and access to justice for adults. First by developing a structured understanding on existing policies and legislation. Then, taking Hertfordshire as an example, understanding how national policies are implemented at a local level to determine the barriers to victims’ support and access to justice.

The policy recommendations listed in the report have been detailed in existing literature, however this report provides a local perspective to the need for their implementation and hereby also highlights the disconnect between national policy and local-level implementation.

As new policies are created, information on how these must be implemented does not necessarily trickle down as intended. Several reasons contribute to the disconnect. First there are national barriers, such as insufficient data and lack of support for survivors who have yet to enter the NRM. Second there is a lack of understanding of the issue, its scale and local-level responsibility at the county-level. And third, as new responsibilities are added to local authority portfolios, resources are not increased which results in services stretched for capacity.




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