There are an estimated 40.3 million people living in conditions of exploitation around the world; 100,000 are estimated to be living in the UK. Exploitation or modern slavery includes human trafficking, which is the movement of people by means such as force, fraud, coercion or deception with the aim of exploiting them. It also includes slavery, servitude and forced and compulsory labour which is when ownership is exercised over a person, or all work or service that is extracted from any person is imposed by coercion or under the threat of penalty and for which the employee has not offered themself voluntarily. This is a global problem that reaches every sector and industry.

To tackle it we have to work together.


Looking for help?

If you are looking for help, want to report a suspicion or are seeking advice,
call the Modern Slavery Helpline on

08000 121 700

If its an emergency and you believe someone is in imminent danger, call