Prevention work requires a focus on the future and longer term sustainable change. With our vision to see an end to human exploitation in all its forms, we endeavour to understand how to address modern slavery through long-term activities. We are looking to learn from similar approaches which have prevention at their core.

Work with universities

Shiva Foundation believes that if we work with the next generation of hospitality professionals, we will make addressing modern slavery risk “business as usual”. We have developed partnerships with a number of universities with the aim of raising awareness with students and equipping them with the tools to mitigate risk. We also co-develop research projects with the student cohorts to test the impact of available training. Contact to find out more.




Looking for help?

If you are looking for help, want to report a suspicion or are seeking advice,
call the Modern Slavery Helpline on

08000 121 700

If its an emergency and you believe someone is in imminent danger, call