The hospitality sector employs 292 million people (which is about 1 in 10 across the globe), and we believe that it has a great responsibility to address this horrific crime. It is also in a privileged position in that it has the opportunity to spot and disrupt many types of exploitation that not all industries are privy to. Shiva Foundation has been working with the industry since 2015 to help hotels identify and address risk of modern slavery.



We have partnered with 89 hotels to help them implement the Blueprint.

Local police forces are promoting the Blueprint to hotels they spot check.

Stop Slavery Blueprint

In 2018, Shiva Foundation launched the Stop Slavery Blueprint which is a toolkit for hotels and other industry organisations to help them set up their own anti-slavery initiatives. We know that the use of our Blueprint has led to over 2000 indicators being spotted with at least seven suspected modern slavery incidents in the UK being reported to the police.






       I would refer other hotels to the Blueprint. It is opening the minds of your team members. It shows the risks specific to the industry and helps you at a very digestible level.


General Manager
London hotel

Hospitality Protocol

The Hospitality Protocol was developed by a partnership between the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) and Shiva Foundation, informed by extensive stakeholder engagement with hospitality businesses, expert non-profit and membership organisations, and the police.

The Hospitality Protocol is an agreement for hospitality businesses to work collaboratively with the GLAA to share information that will help stop or prevent the exploitation or abuse of workers.

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Addressing exploitation in housekeeping

One of the big risk areas of labour exploitation and modern slavery for the hotel industry is the reliance on third-party agencies to supply housekeeping and room attendant services. Some of the abuses we see in this industry include:

  • Minimum wage infringements
  • Unexplained wage deductions or deduction for training and uniforms
  • Unpaid overtime to meet productivity targets
  • No holiday pay, pay by piece, no or limited breaks
  • Enforced self-employed status

Shiva Foundation is working with key stakeholders to address these issues.



Working with SMEs

A large number of smaller businesses don’t have the capacity or the internal expertise to effectively address modern slavery. We are working with SMEs to ensure they understand their legal duties with regards to identifying risk of modern slavery, and building their capacity to address these risks

Working with STOP THE TRAFFIK, we have created a free toolkit that is targeted specifically at SMEs

We are also delivering webinars and trainings on the toolkit for SMEs and those who work with SMEs. For more information, get in touch with

You can view an evaluation of this programme here.








Looking for help?

If you are looking for help, want to report a suspicion or are seeking advice,
call the Modern Slavery Helpline on

08000 121 700

If its an emergency and you believe someone is in imminent danger, call