Being Mankind – Challenging perceptions, By Yuan Mao

14 July 2016

Being Mankind Volume 1 is a powerful and moving book that was born out of hundreds of interviews, 12 months of hard labour and a simple desire to strive towards a more equal society.

Depicting the lives of 40 inspiring men and their struggles in everyday life, Being Mankind seeks to recognise the long-term importance of challenging mindsets and ingrained gender stereotypes. To encourage conversations around gender equality and breaking stereotypes at a young age, Being Mankind has committed to donating a book to a school or youth organisation every time a copy is sold.

Shiva Foundation supports the social message behind this book and believes that discussions like these are shaping our understanding of equality and thus many of the important social issues of our time. In a similar vein, over the next few months, Shiva Foundation will be launching gender equality workshops in schools with our partner organisations, The Great Initiative and Fearless Futures. The project, and our broader education programme, seeks to work towards an education model that challenges stereotypes and breaks down barriers to success for both genders. Shiva Foundation will also be collaborating with Think Equal on its flagship campaign, designed to empower change from a very early age. We aim to support the next generation of equality and human rights conscious thinkers from the very beginning of their formal education and pave the way towards a more equal society.

If you wish to buy a copy of Being Mankind Volume 1 or find out more about the book, you can do so here.


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