A Message from our Senior Programme Manager, By Sian Lea

26 September 2016

With a background in education and eight years worth of experience in the field of human rights, I joined Shiva Foundation as the new Senior Programme Manager early last month.

Having previously worked as the Youth Education Manager for the British Red Cross, I am passionate about working with young people and encouraging them to use their enthusiasm and ideas to engage with the wider world and challenge social norms. Our younger generation is in a great position to influence change for the future. The have a vested interest in pushing for a more equitable and socially just future, and having witnessed their boundless creativity and passion, I know they can achieve it. Shiva Foundation believes in young leadership and works on interesting projects that reflect this belief. I look forward to lending my knowledge and skills to these innovative projects.

I also have extensive experience working on humanitarian projects that focus on protecting vulnerable groups and providing them with the tools to make informed and safe decisions for themselves. In both Canada and Cambodia, I worked closely with women survivors of domestic violence. In my role at Shiva Foundation I will use this experience to contribute to our local council vision and create a comprehensive safeguarding strategy to ensure that individuals are protected and respected within their communities. By raising awareness and ensuring that vulnerable groups have access to justice, we are one step closer to tackling human trafficking.

A new venture for me will be contributing to the work Shiva Foundation does with tackling human trafficking within the hotel industry. For a sustainable impact, it is extremely important that business is engaged in the process of fighting modern slavery. The groundbreaking work the team is doing in this sector is a new area for me and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn.

Upon first impressions, I am truly impressed with how much the small team at Shiva Foundation has achieved. The team consists of three full-time staff and dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly and with unwavering passion. By engaging with different industries, including businesses, local communities, and government, the Foundation is addressing critical gaps in the sector and I am excited to be part of this journey.

I look forward to creating new partnerships, launching projects, and engaging with the network that Shiva Foundation has built over the last few years. If you would like to contact me to discuss any of the above please send me an email at sian@shivafoundation.org.uk.


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